Time for a catch up

Since last I blogged, we’ve had some pretty big thigs happen in Campbell world. Namely:

– Campbell backs down on wrenching control away from the Federal Government on environmentally sensitive development

– Cambell backs down on his carbon tax challenge after legal advice that a challenge would be a waste of money

– Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Musgrave Park, Brisbane is stormed by police at 7am at the request of BCC. The “first time an Aboriginal elder has been evicted from Musgrave Park since the Bjelke Petersen era” (tweeted by Youth Affairs Qld) Click here to see the coverage of the day’s events.

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Newman Hypocritical on sustainability

This morning we’ve seen interviews with the Premiers on TV in the lead up to the day’s COAG meeting. Both the NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell and Campbell Newman have stated they will take a challenge of the carbon tax to the high court. This follows LNP donator  Clive Palmer’s threat to challenge the tax himself based on constitutional grounds last month.

What is Campbell thinking then, when he has scrapped funding for several green projects, including the Solar Dawn and UQ solar, because he thinks the carbon tax will “solve” all those environmental problems?

I cite a piece from The Australian, published March 28:

Mr Newman yesterday declared his LNP government would axe seven other green schemes, on the grounds the carbon tax would make them redundant. “We now have a federal government that is imposing a great big carbon tax on us and the rest of the country that is meant to solve all these (environmental) problems,” he said.

So if he is relying on the carbon tax to fund all these schemes he is pulling the plug on, what does he expect to achieve by challenging the carbon tax in the high court? He’s putting all his green eggs in the carbon tax basket and then trying to smash the basket. Sends a pretty clear message. Campbell doesn’t care about creating jobs in a growing rewnewables industry, and back to business as usual can we please?

Naturally one suspects that Newman could be acting on behalf of Palmer, as a direct result of his political donations, but it seems just as likely that he’s in favour of protecting big business and big coal from a climate tax regardless of the  long term consequences. on environmental and energy sustainability. He has never been an advocate for alternative energy and he is indeed following through on his pre-election pledge to fight the carbon tax in the name of all Queenslanders (but for the true benefit of the wealthy of course).

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Return to backwater Brisbane

Guest writer Oona Igglesden

Campbell Newman’s decision to scrap the Queensland Premier Literacy Award could herald an end to cultural development in Queensland.

Although the majority of Queensland voters displayed an overwhelming lack of confidence in Labor’s ability to manage the State, it was a Labor Government that began developing Brisbane’s cultural scene – helped considerably by a major attitude switch in blue-chip investors who began to see profit potential in the arts.

In the 2011 Events Queensland budget, Arts funding was almost at parity with sports, increasing from a measly 22 per cent in 2007 to 45 per cent in the last financial year.  In June of 2011, the Queensland Government had allocated $245 million for broad arts funding compared to $155 million for the sports portfolio.

These figures show that the attitude of Queenslanders has changed dramatically, with a survey conducted by Queenslanders and the Arts revealing that 95 per cent of the respondents agreed that people can enjoy arts and sports and believed that the arts needed more public funding.  This shows that the arts is shaking off its pretentious stigma.  Through a number of campaigns and awards, the Labor Government along with Events Queensland has proven that creativity is accessible to all and that everyone is capable of it.

It is my concern that Mr Newman will begin to unravel similar incentives Labor put in place to encourage creative, talented Queenslanders – especially indigenous and regional – so they can nurture their skills and promote the Arts industry.  Traditionally, when a government is faced with lean times, it’s the Arts budget that is first to go.  If it is drastically slashed, then we can expect to see a mass exodus of creative talent from Queensland.

The Arts in Queensland has come a long way since the dark ages of the Bjelkie-Petersen era.  Since GoMA first opened six years ago it has a generated over $45 million with 50 per cent of its visitors coming from outside of Brisbane.  This should be proof enough that the Arts industry isn’t airy-fairy nonsense – it’s capable of generating real money and may be just what Queensland needs to help improve its financial situation.

Queensland has produced some talented and dedicated sportsmen and women, but we cannot hope to compete with other states if it reverts back into a heavily unbalanced ‘Jock State’.

Instead of having to choose between sports or arts, the Queensland budget (such as it is) should be organised to provide both industries with equal funding to develop and encourage the talented individuals in this state.








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The Courier Mail <3 Campbell

The Courier Mail has been running its QLD Election coverage section “QLD votes” on its website from the lead-up to the election last March. The coverage from the beginning focused on the election on a (as always) two-party preferred basis but provided news relevant to all parties, so long as it affected the election outcome.

Since the LNP win, the CM has taken it upon itself to make sure Campbell is held accountable to his promises, or so it seems. At the bottom of pretty much any article that mentions Campbell Newman is a large interactive pictograph featuring an affable full body shot of Newman with a wheel displaying the progress of the first 100 days since the election with milestones such as 7 days, 30 days and all the way up to 100.

Having passed the first two milestones, Campbell has been given full passes so far by the CM.  There are a lot of boxes to be ticked before the 30 day milestone including my favourite, “make it illegal to lie to Parliament.” Now there is nothing wrong with the Courier Mail going to this much effort to analyse the new Governments progress and adherence to the expectations it has created for itself, it’s just that this kind of good publicity couldn’t have been done better by the LNP themselves. The content for the pictogram is lifted from this release on CanDo’s website which promises to focus on nailing the problems left by the Labour government in the first 100 days of Governance.


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Book, slash and burn

Today it was announced that the Queensland Premier Literacy awards have been axed by Campbell Newman, saving an annual $244,000 or more from the QLD budget. This has disappointed members of the Brisbane creative community as reported in the CM with the  SMH reposting tweets from writers and other key figures . That same article in the SMH has a poll asking: “Do you agree with Campbell Newman’s move to scrap the Queensland Literary Awards?” At the time of writing, responses were 75% no, 25% yes (of 3203 responses).

Considering the LNP’s focus is eliminating government debt which currently amounts to billions, is the slashing such a comparatively small program worth the immediate financial gain, in light of the potential ramifications for QLD the loss of this award may ensue? Two opposing arguments are made. One, the view that the award is a waste of taxpayer money, and would be more appropriately funded by the private sector anyway. The other: the view that the award was necessary to nurture local talent, and helped bring money into the state. Of those in favour of the cuts, one reader of the Courier Mail comments:

Bullet of Chinchilla Posted at 6:15 PM Tuesday 3 April, 2012

As an aspiring writer I say well done Mr Newman, this sort of award should be funded by private business like a publisher as was mentioned by Peter of Albany. They are the ultimate winners from these events, the public gets nothing anyway.

Tara June Winch, published author and previous winner of the Unpublished Indigenous Writer award (in 2004) today tweeted:

I owe my career and livelihood to Qld Premier’s Literary Awards. Such a sad day in politics. @theqldpremier #qldpol #auspol

For more details, read the articles linked above.

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Week One in the media

Week One – 26-31 March 2012

Prior to the election the Courier Mail released this piece entitled “Campbell Newman’s hit list for first 100 days in office revealed”  . Now that his premier dream has come true, we will see how well those first 100 days play out compared to the script. ABC’s Meet Queensland’s incoming LNP government lists the high profile faces out of the LNP winners.

Also released before the election: the QLD LNPs policy on CSG, which is a key area of concern for QLD stakeholders and the future of the state.  (links to pdf)

And now jumpiing straight into day one:

Monday “QLD contracts a new Premier”

Tuesday “Jobs for the mates”

Wednesday “Don’t get cocky”

Thursday “Sighs and uh-ohs”

Friday “Pretty slow news day”

Saturday “The New Ministry of grunt”

Seen (or wrote) anything significant for the first week that isn’t on this page? Drop a comment below and make it known!


March 26, 2012 1 comment

ImageToday Campbell Newman was sworn in as the Premier of Queensland after a landslide election over the weekend. This blog and its URL candocampbell.wordpress.com was conveniently not taken by Campbell Newman or any other interested parties before today, so I have decided to make it a place to monitor the successes, failures, decisions, good and bad,  of Campbell Newman from this point forward.

Campbell Newman has made a lot of election promises, and this site will monitor and track those he keeps and those he breaks, checklist style. There will be much more happening on this site as it evolves over time.

Disclaimer:  This blogsite is not managed by members or supporters of the LNP, nor members of any other political party and has no affiliation with Campbell Newman.